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FundsMo Purpose

FundsMo has a purpose. It is to create everybody the riskless passive income paths. For that we have an operation and a clear sightedness. Our operation is to introduce new technical ways of creating passive incomes from the global online stocks markets & investment opportunities while providing quality services, Those who join with us, We help them to make their regular passive income paths and to grow their gathering assets along with us. Our clear sightedness is to introduce modern ways of earning while providing quality services and becoming the world's only one or No.1 platform. We are working to be the most successful investment company of the world which is going to be developed to be a hedge fund.

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The money fountain

A platform that can give the best value for your investment. FundsMo is a licensed project with a growing capital. It has an own vision & mission and also a strategy for helping you to make the right decisions for your future.



Our Vision

Our vision is to use technology to build a world of investors and wealth management, Granting the greatest degree of freedom and confidence and developing cutting edges. Technology solutions that generate sources of liquidities.



Our Mission

Our mission is to introduce new technical ways of earning while providing quality services and becoming the world's only one or no.1 platform of its category.



Our Strategy For You

We are working to be the most successful investment platform of the world. Our trusted passive income path will make your life physically successful and help you to achive your dreams of life.



Our business projects

We are working on foreign exchange, commodities and blockchains through web 3.0 technology. We follow decentralized financial systems with our developments in the field.



What they say to you



We are talking about the innovation of Businesses and Investments. As we know, If someone wants to achive his or her dreams of life into real, They should do business or investments. FundsMo provides that opportunity to everybody in the world to be a business investor with FundsMo. So, They can grow their own assets with FundsMo until their goals within a guarenteed time period. Also they can grow a passive income. Therefore FundsMo will be the most reknown investment platform in he world to give hope everyone. The innovation of the financial world.


Select the way to Invest.

You have freedom to invest from anywhere of the world. This means FundsMo provides you Crypto Transactions, That helps you to deal with it very easily without barriers. Your deposits and withdrawals can be transferred via USDT, No matter where you are.

Earn Profit

You have freedom to take back your investment + profits. This means FundsMo allows you to take back your deposit at any time with the profits that generated until you are withdrawing your funds. That is the real meaning of freedom it gives its customers.

Achive Your Goals

You have freedom to achive your dreams. This means FundsMo brings you a trusted system with genuine background which assures guarenteed profits for your funds which you handover us to grow. We helps you to expan your assets and your dreams come true with us.

Enjoy with Passive Income

You have financial freedom with FundsMo passive Income path. This means FundsMo keeps its promise and we proved it with our always stay with us customers base. FundsMo guides to each and everyone to achive their financial freedom, When they give their trust back on it.

Y O U R   E C O N O M I C   G U I D E
  I S   C O M I N G   S O O N !


We are unique

Why we say that we are unique, Because our concept of online passive income generating investments platform is only available with us. FundsMo as the only one and number one in the industry, we are serving you a product that it is the only one for the world and all of the world are knowing that it as the only one.



We serve you.....

An experience

Our wish is to give our customers an unforgettable experience via our platform.

Quality Services

We are ready to give our trustees 24/7 support via our team.

Releaf to your economy

We have confidence to make you free from financial tensions by providing the best and secured plans on your investments.

Assets Building

You can grow with us by joining to our assets-building and management process.

Financial Freedom

Our supreme target is to open the doors to financial freedom to all those who joined with us.

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FundsMo Target Market Summary

Our target is global online stock market. The term stock market refers to several exchanges in which shares of publicly held companies are bought and sold. Such financial activities are conducted through formal exchanges and via Over The Counter (OTC) marketplaces that operate under a defined set of regulations. Both "stock market" and stock exchange" are often used interchangeably. Traders in the stock market buy or sell shares on one or more of the stock exchanges that are part of the overall stock market. Stock markets are venues where buyers and sellers meet to exchange equity shares of public corporations.

Stock markets are components of a free-market economy because they enable democratized access to investor trading and exchange of capital. Stock markets create efficient price discovery and efficient dealing.

The U.S. stock market or Wallstreets is the main stock market when considering the global stock market, Which regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and local regulatory bodies.



Build your attitude on Investing

FundsMo is an investment company focusing on online investments and assets management services. As FundsMo, We are expanding our unmatched services to investors globally. With our unique vision, mission and strategies, We have abilities to give our best services to Investors those who have seaken a genuine, trusted, licensed company.

Not only experienced investors, The People even they are new to investment platforms or some of them may have bad experiences due to scammed projects, FundsMo can help all of them to get a new experience to recover their previous losses and build a positive future.

The best experience in investments and true results to everybody!

T O   T H E   M O O N

Join us on our mission to reach new heights and achieve financial success with our platform
We'll help you shoot for the moon and reach for the stars



What they are saying about us

Ishan Sanjeewa

Investor And Stock Trader

Investing in fundsmo is a valuable opportunity I have ever had. I was looking for a reliable, right and best place to invest. Finally I think that I found it. Specially I believe the youth leadership will take us on the right path. I wish good luck in the future.

Surath Chamara

Stock Market Trader And Investor

FundsMo, I see as a good business opportunity to start investing, grow assets and a way of passive income.

Dhammika Senevirathne

Awarded Financial Executive

I was deeply engaged with FundsMo, Because I saw its valuable setup which can give much more benefits to the investors. Investing on the right place at the right time is the best opportunity for an investor.

Amiru Upek Widanapathirana

Engineer & Enterprenure

FundsMo is a good opportunity to global investors. I am sure that new generations will be inspired with FindsMo.

Ashan AR

International Financial Executive

A wonderful platform. FundsMo is the right place to reach your goals and through FundsMo I got an experience that I have never experienced before. Reliability is maximum. Recommended for all.

Chris Mario Fernando


FundsMo is what I found. The best investment plan. I joined fundsmo after thinking about it. Now I have invested money to FundsMo. So I tell everyone about FundsMo. If you join with FundsMo. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

Kawshalya Korale Gedara


I saw that FundsMo's vision and purpose was exceptionally transparent compared to other investment institutions. That's why I didn't think twice to invest a million rupees.

Chamila Darshani Ruwanpura

Financial Consultant Executive

I see FundsMo is proffessionally conducting its business on the field. I hope FundsMo will depend there genuinely.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fundsmo is an investment platform which gives the opportunity to grow with steady risk free assets.

  • Anyone, Who aged over 18 Years old, Have an email ID and Mobile Number. That's it !

  • First of all click the SingUp button and after that it is possible to SingUp through a few easy steps that include the relevant information. After completing the SingUp process, You need to confirm your FundsMo Account with your registered email verification. Then you can easily login to your FundsMo e-account by entering the relevant login information.

    After completing the KYC Verification in your FundsMo e-account, go to the “Deposit” in the “menu” and then type the Usdt amount you want to deposit to invest and then the site will show you its Usdt Wallet Address to send your funds. After you sent it your investment will be activated within 15 - 20 minutes.

    Now it is successful in all the processes of your FundsMo e-account, and from then on your FundsMo e-account will be credited with weekly benefits, which will vary depending on the investment you have done. (simple & easy)

  • Minimum deposit is 10 Usdt and maximum is unlimited.

    All deposits related to your investments to build the company fund you can do with your Binance Account under Binance Pay (USDT).

  • Yes, Above from 10 Usdt, You can invest any amount, At any time and many times, As yo need.

  • We will provide a return of 11% to 17% per month for each investment. Also here you will not be given a permanent benefit. Whatever rate of return you get between 11% to 17% per month, you have to settle for it. (A month is 30 days).

  • The benefits credited to your FundsMo Electronic Account can be withdrawn by approximately 1 times per month.

    After you make a Withdrawal Request through the FundsMo Electronic Account, our company will arrange to complete the respective Withdrawal according to your Requestion within a maximum of 48 hours.

    Only you need to save your verified Binance Username and Pay ID with your FundsMo Account Payment Settings.

  • No, our company does not charge any withdrawal request fee when you make a withdrawal request.

  • Yes, You can withdraw your investment at anytime withthe profits generated upon it in the FundsMo e-account.

  • When a FundsMo Account Holder invites his contacts to join with FundsMo through his referral link, The new comer's account registration happens under the invitor as his direct referal.

    When this direct referral made his deposit, Then 5% amount from every weekly profits of him will be added to invitor's FundsMo wallet.

    This is a continue income untill the referral's funds available in his FundsMo Assets.

    It stops only if the referral cancelled his FundsMo Funds and take it back.

    Otherwise how much is his weekly profits, 5% of that much amount the invitor will get weekly continually.

    Remember :- This is only a one level referral programme. This is not any kind of network marketing or pyramid scheme

  • Mainly you can use the support service in the FundsMo Site we provided, Apart from that FundsMo FaceBook Page, FundsMo Twitter, FundsMo Instegram and FundsMo Telegram.

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