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  • FundsMo is an investment platform for investors which provides easy access to their goals as well as a range of high-value services. It's a platform that provides new choices to the world, solves people's issues, creates a new turning point for the global financial industry, and moves us closer to our objectives

This will always allow clients maximum freedom and make every procedure very simple and easy, with the opportunity to do everything effortlessly under one roof, and we have always prioritized strengthening the trusting relationship between the client and our platform.

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Select the way to Earn.

We have provided opportunity to grow your own journey. Accordingly, you can get a direct passive income by investing and a direct extra income by referral.

  • Through the Investing you can get a direct passive income without any exertion.
  • Through Inviting you can earn a direct extra income from less effort.

Easiest Way to invest

We and our software engineers are always trying to create strategies to make every process on the website as simple and easy as possible. For example,

These are just a few examples. We have already developed systems that make it very easy to complete every process in few seconds.

  • You Can Invest in 3 Clicks.
  • You Can Verify KYC in 2 Clicks.
  • You Can Withdrawal in 3 Clicks

Your Data are safe with us

We will never publish, sell or distribute your personal data or any other type of data on social media or anywhere else.

  • Personal Data protextion.
  • Password Data encrypted.
  • General Data protextion.

We also always strive to provide high care privacy protection for such data types and all other types of data. We also use powerful security options to protect your electronic account. Not even our staff can see your private data.

Drop a message we will be there

If you want to solve a problem, you can choose any type of our customer service from a number of our customer services at any time, depending on the nature of your problem.

We have facilitated you to solve any of your problems through any of these several services.

  • 24/7 Chat Service.
  • Mail Service.
  • Business Hours Hotline Service.


We provide for your money


Giving daily profit for the value of the purchased plan.


Ability to upgrade your current plan at any time.


24/7 active customer care (CHAT BOX) to solve any problem


Highest security with a standard for your personal data.


Ability to make withdrawal requests approximately twice a month

SIGNUP & EARN passive income

FundsMo Investment platform offers creative investment plans to extend our investors returns with their commitment and withdraw the income perfection of wealth.


Our Valued Packages


$ 12.50

LKR 5000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $0.95
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 40.00

LKR 16000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $3.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 75.00

LKR 30000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $5.80
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 150.00

LKR 60000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $11.50
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 250.00

LKR 100000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $19.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 400.00

LKR 160000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $30.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 550.00

LKR 220000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $42.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 800.00

LKR 320000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $60.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 1250.00

LKR 500000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $95.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 1800.00

LKR 720000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $140.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 2500.00

LKR 1000000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - 200.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 3500.00

LKR 1400000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - 270.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 4700.00

LKR 1880000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - 370.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 6500.00

LKR 2600000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - 500.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 112.50

LKR 45000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $8.50
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 200.00

LKR 80000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $15.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 325.00

LKR 130000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $25.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 475.00

LKR 190000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $35.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 675.00

LKR 270000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $50.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 1125.00

LKR 450000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $85.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


$ 925.00

LKR 370000
  • Average Rate - 0.00%
  • Withdraw Limit - $70.00
  • Validity Period - 360 Days


What they are saying about us

FundsMo Investment is the best and most reliable investment in the island if you want to invest and improve your life during recession. The only investment method where you can get a fixed salary per month regardless of whether you work or not.Highly recommended.👍❤️

Meshan Jayasanka

Business Man

A wonderful platform. FundsMo is the right place to reach your goals and through FundsMo I got an experience that I have never experienced before. Reliability is maximum. Recommended for all.

Ashan AR

International Financial Executive

The best investment platform I have seen is FundsMo. There are several reasons for that. Be a customer of FundsMo in the fight to be valued as a grant. They behave so that the customer is satisfied. Also, I believe that the FundsMo team strives to provide maximum reliability and speed of delivery. FundsMo is a great platform where anyone can conquer their future.

Ananda Mahakumbura

Government Officer

The best investment company in the world. Good product, fast service, 100% reliable and maximum transparency. FundsMo is the only platform where you can invest and succeed in the future. Recommended Platform.❤️

Dinuka Priyamal


FundsMo is what I found. The best investment plan. I joined fundsmo after thinking about it. Now I have invested money to FundsMo. So I tell everyone about FundsMo. If you join with FundsMo. Good luck with the rest of your journey.

Chris Mario Fernando


If you want to earn highest profit for you money, Foundsmo is the one of best investment company in Sri lanka & also globally. I can highly recommend. Specially Foundsmo have very Quick and friendly customer support service.And fundsmo website is very user friendy. Lets get hands together to win our future with less risk.

Mayuri kodithuwakku

Business Man

I saw that FundsMo's vision and purpose was exceptionally transparent compared to other investment institutions. That's why I didn't think twice to invest a million rupees.

Kawshalya Korale Gedara


Highly recommended investment platform and specially i would like to say about CEO Mr.saheel of FundsMo. He gave us best customer services with trust so i hope it will be the same in the future so i wish you all the best for future endeavors.

Sanjeewa Fernando

Government Officer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Fundsmo is a finance freedom plan company which gives the opportunity to grow with steady risk free assets

  • First of all click the SingUp button and after that it is possible to SingUp through a few easy steps that include the relevant information. After completing the SingUp process, you can easily login to your FundsMo e-account by entering the relevant login information. After completing the KYC Verification in your FundsMo e-account, go to the “Buy Plan” in the “menu” and click on the plan you want to buy, then deposit only the amount of value related to that plan to the account has been given by our company and then upload the receipt related to the deposit to the plan to be purchased and the value of the deposited amount to the bank account of our company in LKR) and then click the “Submit” button. Your plan will be active within 24 hours. Now it is successful in all the processes of your FundsMo e-account, and from then on your FundsMo e-account will be credited with daily benefits, which will vary depending on the Plan you have purchased. (simple & easy)

  • No, our company does not charge any withdrawal request fee when you make a withdrawal request.

  • The benefits credited to your FundsMo Electronic Account can be withdrawn to any bank account in Sri Lanka. After you make a Withdrawal Request through the FundsMo Electronic Account, our company will arrange to complete the respective Withdrawal Request within a maximum of 48 hours.

  • We will provide a return of 11% to 17% per month for each plan. Also here you will not be given a permanent benefit. Whatever rate of return you get between 11% to 17% per month, you have to settle for it. (A month is 30 days)

  • Yes, there is a withdrawal request limit when making a withdrawal request. But its values vary depending on the plan you buy. If you want to know information about it, you can see the details from Plan to Plan separately in the “Plan Details” section on the Home page or “Buy Plan” section in the FundsMo e-account.

  • Minimum plan is $12.5 = (LKR 5000.00)

  • Yes. The referral commission is 7%. When someone comes to the FundsMo website through your referral link, signs up and buys a plan, the moment the relevant plan becomes active, then you will get 7% of the value of the plan purchased by the relevant person.


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WTC,Colombo 01,Sri Lanka.


+94 117 650 595

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